Carlos Canet Fortea (Alicante, Spain 1961) is an artist, photographer and filmmaker who has been working in the medium since the early eighties. Since 1984 he works as a freelance in the publishing field; collaborating professionally with artists, museums and galleries in Europe. From the beginning of his artistic career (the first exhibition of his work was in 1984) the interest in the relationship between plastic arts and photography is the recognizable sign in his works. Since 1988 he has carried out a continuous research work with his own photographic and plastic language, in which each new work is a descendant of the previous one, in a trajectory of an organic nature. The paradigm shift brought about by the appearance of digital support for photography meant a period of meditation and adaptation that was reflected in the Altazor series, a thematic continuation of his previous chemical work.

MAIN EVENTS 1987 I ARCO Photography Contest. Madrid. 1988 National Young Photographers Award. Culture Ministry. Madrid. 1988 INTERARTE Valencia Photography Salon1988. Gijón Photography Meeting Grant. Culture Ministry. Spain. 1989 Eusebio Sempere Research Grant. Alicante Provincial Council. 1990 Project 4 Addresses Lunwerg ed. and Reina Sofía National Museum, Madrid. 1997 Meetings of contemporary art. Alicante Provincial Council 2013 Premiere of the short film El Criminal. 2016 Premiere of the short film Los Adioses Anunciados. 2021 Participate in The Other Art Fair virtual edition.

INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS 1984 Alicante City Council. 1987 JAPA.Room. Alicante Spain. 1991 CAM room, Elche, Spain. 1992 Manuel Baeza Room, Alicante, Spain. Gravina Palace, Alicante, Spain. 1995 Italy Gallery. Alicante, Spain. 2006 Forn Cultural. Petrer, Spain. Sala Mengolero. Rojales, Spain. El Carro de Tespis.Sax, Spain. 2009 Fish Market  Space. Alicante, Spain. 2017 Casas Sanchís. Monóvar, Spain. 2018 The Dark Light. L´espai Gallery. Alicante, Spain.

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS 1985 Young Valencian photographers Caixa Valencia.
1986 JAPA.Alicante Room. V Exhibition of Alicante Artists, Castle of Sta Bárbara, Alicante. 1988 Photography Salon, INTER-ART, Valencia. Young Photographers, Sala Amadís, Madrid, Fuenlabrada, Motril, Orense, Córdoba. IX Call for Plastic Arts, Alicante Provincial Council. 1990 The Indelible Look. Moriarty Gallery. Madrid. 1992 Artists in the Mediterranean. Expo92 Seville. 1993 ARTE-SIDA, Fish Market, Alicante
1994 Valencian Photographers. Mie, Japan. 1995 Lidia´s Arts La Sucursal, Valencia. 1997 Meetings of Contemporary Art. Alicante. 1998 Art i Foc Rambla Cultural Center, Alicante. The Art of Our Land, within the 74th congress of SEO. Alicante. 1999 Inauguration of Gallery 11 Alicante. For your Future, CAM room, Alicante. 2006 Tribute to Christian Franco, Benissa University Venue. 2008 Verdi Gallery, Torrevieja, Spain.